Proactively and creatively managing the people
dynamics of organizational change in

Strategic redirection and cultural reinvention
Business model changes and new ventures
New country business introductions
Company expansion or downsizing
Organizational redefinition or restructuring
New product introductions and campaigns
Significant acquisitions and divestitures


Our Targeted Global and National
Change Management Programs

Supporting your growth into the future, our programs
ensure that your "people assets" fully own and support evolving initiatives, directions and structures, and are deployed effectively across organizational and national boundaries. Our experienced consultants partner with you to evaluate, design and facilitate


In-Depth Analysis of Change Definitions,
Risks, and Outcomes

Strategic and Tactical Assessment of
Organizational Structure and Change Readiness

Development and Implementation of Comprehensive Custom Programs for Organizational Comprehension, Acceptance and Ownership

Assets and Talent Identification and Development

Innovative Organizational Design for Competitive Advantage

Hands-On Change Process Management and
Teamwork Development

Key Contributor Coaching and Resistance Management

Return on Investment and Success Evaluation

Ongoing Partnership Support in Program
Management and Extension

Contact us for a no obligation review of your
organizational challenges in evaluating and
implementing change for future success.



Anticipate the Change

Understand the Change

Prepare for Change

Assess the Organization

Assess the Risk

Emphasize Strengths

Plan for Success

Build a Winning Team

Foster Ownership

Customize Tactics and Tools

Process Manage

Communicate the Program

Manage Resistance

Reward Achievement

Close the Loop  
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