Meeting your global company needs in a multinational
world presents evolving international legal challenges
in the areas of

Company Formation Law
Employment Law
Human Resources Law

Helpful international
employment law notes
from a few of the many
countries in which we
Our experienced attorney consultants assist clients to resolve issues and challenges in more than forty countries, such as

Must we form a company to hire employees? How do we do that? Do we need international employment agreements?

Do we need a specific employment agreement for a country? Where do we get one? What should it say?

How do we achieve globally consistent employment terms and documents? For each country? For expatriates?

How do we create and enforce international post employment noncompetition provisions? Confidentiality? Foreign country intellectual property law?

What does the employee relations law say we must do? How do we comply? What must our international employment contracts say?

What are competitive and enforceable terms and conditions of employment?

Can we pay incentive compensation? A stock option plan? What are acquired rights?

Termination of employment? How do we do it legally? What is the required notice? Severance? Should we seek a settlement?  
Our in-depth, hands on experience in guiding multinational companies like yours in international employment and related law matters, together with the assistance of our specialized and experienced correspondent law firms in over forty countries, can make the difference between a costly learning curve and achieving your international success.
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