Enhance a culture of winning and cooperation
Integrate personal and organizational goals
Apply constructive emotional intelligence
Expand comfort zones and "safety in risk"
Foster clarity, unity, ownership and creativity
Forge stronger team relationships

In-depth client partnership
Custom design and innovative solutions
Clear goals and results oriented strategies
Sustainable, measurable outcomes
Knowledge building and sharing
Team and individual empowerment
Ongoing assistance and support

Organizational Team Building Programs

Our consultants partner with clients at each evolutionary
stage of:

Team dynamic, vision and goal assessment
Process design and facilitation
Improve communication, cooperation and innovation
Integrate diversity of people skills and points of view
Identify the “either or” trap to reach consensus
Forge teams that are informed by individual goals
Foster sustainable team building dynamics and skills

Executive Coaching Programs
We mentor key staff in critical performance areas to

Develop self-awareness in a safe environment
Cultivate awareness of the perceptions of others
Facilitate"speaking truth to power" & innovative thinking
Sharpen goal setting and achievement tactics
Expand the professional safety zone
Capitalize on leadership strengths with new strategies.
Improve communication goals and skills
Take the new success model into action



Team and Key Staff Assessment

Process and Concensus Coaching

Program Design and Facilitation

Executive and Group Empowerment

Personal and Team Goals Integration

Expatriate Assignment Preparation

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