With an environment of tight resources and
new challenges, dynamic companies are
exploring foreign talent pools and assigning
expatriate employees to create new capabilities
and opportunities overseas. Our practice
leaders take a detailed look at
issues of expatriate and TCN assignment.

Applying host country terms and conditions of
employment to assigned workers, EC Directive
96/71 is coming to apply to workers from any
country. US expatriates with 30 days of
vacation in Italy? And now US expatriates
in UK subject to Unjust Termination damages?
John Briggs provides a brief note on the subject

EU Posted Worker Directive

A SHRMI survey of HR and International
Management revealed that compensation
"discrepancies" were the single biggest
HR problem in the international arena.
Bob Furge gives an overview of the issues
and challenges of this dynamic area.

Compensation Discrepancies
Hailed as the panacea for all multinational
companies, is a risk pool right for your
company? With cross border competition
on the rise for national insurers, policy
margins are decreasing, leaving less for
risk pools to consolidate. Susan Oliveri
provides a quick introduction to risk pools today.


From time to time our
practice leaders provide brief
notes and background
information on international
human resources subjects
that are consistent themes
and troublesome areas
for our clients.

Your further questions and
comments on these subjects are invited.

To suggest other international
HR areas to be addressed,
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