Since 1994 the team at Worldwide Consulting Group has provided creative, proactive and timely assistance to multinational companies in foreign employment law, company formation, international mergers and acquisitions, international employee benefits, transnational and multi-country employee compensation, international and domestic organizational development, expatriate programs, international employee relations and global HR programs, policies and issues.

John H. Briggs

With relevant BA, MBA and JD academic credentials, John is responsible for the application of employment and companies law of over 40 countries to client needs, including company formation, employment agreements and documentation, non-competition and IP, labor statute compliance, and employee termination and settlement issues, as well as international employee relations and human resources policies and procedures, work and residency permits, and foreign legal resource management. John is a member of the US State Bars of Florida and California, with over 20 years of consulting and industry experience with such major international companies as Philips, McGraw Edison, Ocean Spray and Mitre Corporation.

Susan M. Lomartire

With substantial corporate and consulting experience and applicable Masters level academic credentials, Susan focuses on international employee benefits programs for more that 30 countries, as well as multinational risk pooling, expatriate and transnational programs, and benefit communications and policies. Susan has more than 20 years of consulting and industry experience with such progressive companies as Ocean Spray, Gould, Telematix and VLSI.


Tamara L. Stephenson

With extensive experience in the Insurance Agent arena in Global Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance and Disability Insurance, Tamara provides complex benefit program design and implementation, and insurance broker services to client companies in individual and group expatriate health, life and disability insurance as well as international business travel accident insurance.



Nick Pavano

With an extensive background and Masters level education in process consulting, executive coaching and organizational transition and implementation, Nick has been at the forefront in facilitating a culture for the complete person to come forth in the organization. With major corporate and executive consulting and coaching experience, for the past thirty years Nick has creatively fostered the reality that the organization, at its best, can provide the individual both the challenge and the opportunity of a work experience that calls forth all of ‘who they are’ to achieve organizational and personal success. Nick challenges the prevailing wisdom that most people have work experiences ‘too small for their spirit’.

Greg Bruce

With over 25 years of corporate and consulting experience and relevant BA and MSA academic credentials, Greg’s focus has centered on activities related to M&A integration and transitioning organizational cultures. Greg’s bias is that organizations which focus on finding “what’s working”, and which build on it, tend to have greater success integrating processes and cultures by leveraging the strengths of unique organizations. Directing the Strategic Human Resources Practice at Worldwide Consulting, making the concept come to life is what Greg has been doing for many years. Greg has worked with such major international companies as Allied-Signal, Shell Oil, Wolters Kluwer and Deloitte & Touche.


Dave Leboff

Dave directs the complex compensation and expatriate/TCN assignment consulting practice in support of client development and management of global mobility programs and projects. Dave assists clients in global scope strategic and tactical program evaluation, design and implementation in “total company” foreign assignment success, combining comprehensive benchmarking and best practices establishment, and policies development and systems installation. Focus areas include foreign assignment metrics, vendor sourcing, selection and management, foreign service allowances establishment, tax equalization, and payroll, expense management and accounting. With extensive consulting experience, Dave has more than 20 years international human resources experience with major international leaders such as Arthur Young, PepsiCo, Bankers Trust, UBS Warburg, and DoubleClick.


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