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Will Economic Recovery Kill You Off?

Nick Pavano and Sandra Florstedt in Palo Alto look at what could be the greatest Organizational Development challenge you may ever face ... surviving economic resurgence.

We have circled the wagons, gone back to basics, gotten by with less, and kept the doors open ... and our employees have been doing the work of many. Now that the clouds may be breaking, what is our vision and our mission ... and will our employees stick around to share them?

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Our Global Benefits Just Happened

Susan Oliveri in New England looks at the troubling area of developing a consistent global benefit identity across foreign country benefit plans, while still meeting statutory requirements and competitive norms on a country by country basis.

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They Went to Work For Whom?!?

It's hard enough to achieve success without preparing your future competitors. In a global environment of increasing national legal restrictions, John Briggs in New Mexico provides some pointers on crafting and enforcing post employment non-competition protections for your company.

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But My Health Plan Won't Pay in India

Tamara Stephenson shares some thoughts on why sending your employees and their families overseas with their US health coverage cards in their pockets may provide endless thrills, chills and disasters for your corporate benefits manager.

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Compensating in the Rear View Mirror

Bob Furge in Boulder challenges the conventional wisdom of plotting total compensation strategies by reaction to economic cycles. Bob asks us to consider a more dynamic approach to compensation than the tired "whipsaw" of "a day late and a dollar short", and actually try and pay for performance.

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